January 2020

2019 was a good year for domestic equities, and January continues the trend.  Our economy remains strong and we do not expect a recession anytime soon.  Of course, we have no crystal ball, but we remain optimistic about the United States economy with record low unemployment, strong consumer spending, and a signed Phase 1 trade agreement with China.


So far, the crazy political climate has had little negative effect on the equity markets.    Unless earnings weaken, the market should have another good year.  However, being an election year, it would not be unusual to see some increased volatility.


We opened a new office in Pinetop, AZ on January 2nd.  Lacey is there full-time continuing her role as Operations Manager for all of Southwest Investment Advisors.  Rob will be splitting time between Tucson and Pinetop until May, when he will be mostly in Pinetop for the summer.  The phone systems and computers are all connected so, whichever office they are working at, they are always accessible to you by telephone, email, and video conference.


As a reminder, we monitor all your investments continually, so unless a change occurs such as making withdrawals or deposits or some other life changes, we usually like to meet on an annual basis at a minimum.  Please call anytime you have market concerns or would like to meet to discuss retirement or educational planning, as well as any other financial decisions.  We are always available to talk, respond by email, or meet face-to-face in an appointment at the office.


2019 was very good for us.   Thank you for your business and referrals.  And may 2020 also be a Happy New Year!

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