8 Types of Insurance You Need to Know About

There are usually worries over how much insurance you should have. Well, did you know about the 8 most common types? We go into a high level look at insurances in general and give a few tips. https://vimeo.com/471167860

Who wants to be a Millionare

What are the ways to help you get closer to being a millionaire. Here are 5 ways mentioned in “Effortless Wealth” from Tom Corley. https://vimeo.com/471137294

Market Insights October 21 2020

What are earnings showing us? Lets take a look at the 3rd quarter of 2020 and what that means to you. https://vimeo.com/471168539

Healthcare in 2020

Healthcare is expensive, but how expensive compared to other countries? How about double!?! https://vimeo.com/468597875

Working Longer

We talk about working longer. What does working to 70 do to your options with Social Security? https://vimeo.com/466263838

Retirement Plan Risks

The COVID makes us think about our retirement and if we are doing the right things. There are many WRONG things that you can be doing and we are going to cover them here. https://vimeo.com/465821954

Cash as a Contrarian Indicator

There is $4.4 Billion dollars sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen. This is what we call a contrarian indicator and we have Bart Schannep go into the details on why. https://vimeo.com/465829140

Transports Lead The Way

Do you know what the transports are and how they affect the market? Well, let us tell you more about them. https://vimeo.com/468598461

Credit Card Face

FINTECH has brought about a lot of changes in the past few years to decades and that is not about to change now. How about having facial recognition help you pay for things.  We find out how. https://vimeo.com/460764352

Market Insights October 8 2020

We combine information from a couple other podcast to see if things are “Rhyming” with history. Bart outlines how and why or why not. https://vimeo.com/465813631