August 2019

Well, it is summertime and the equity markets are acting like . . . the equity markets! Some of the blame for recent volatility is going to the trade war with China. We believe that is merely the excuse of the day.  Unlike the Smoot-Hawley Tariffs, which exacerbated the Great Depression, this is a trade war with China utilizing targeted tariffs designed to force them to “play fair,” economically. The longer this goes on the more opportunity Europe, South America, and other Asian countries to replace China in various manufacturing efforts; not to mention potentially returning jobs to the U.S. 


With earnings coming in strong, employment better than almost any time in our lives, very accommodating interest rates, and rising wages, we are in a pretty good place. Forward price-earnings ratios (P/E) are at or near long-term historic averages, so any weakness most likely would come from geopolitical noise, not from market fundamentals. Thus, an immediate recession would likely be mild. There is simply not that much to burn off.


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