Continuing Education: What We Learned at Notre Dame University

Here at Southwest Investment Advisors we believe in the importance of continuously learning new things about finance and investing. As part of that mission, our own Bart Schannep recently attended a special symposium at Notre Dame University to learn more about psychology and how it affects our industry.

The symposium was taught by Notre Dame professors who study investor psychology: specifically, how to mitigate the instinctive desire to do something when the best thing to do is to not panic. They focused on the attributes of Empathy, Sympathy, and Compassion and how they can affect investors.

They also mapped out the 8,000 day blocks that people tend to live and script their lives in. The 1st block covers the transition from childhood to adult, the 2nd covers early adulthood when people tend to focus on their careers and build a family, and the 3rd covers the higher income years and then retirement. A big topic of discussion was how the final chapter in most people’s lives is changing from the usual script it followed in previous generations as people are now retiring healthier and living longer.

Bart really enjoyed getting an outside perspective of the industry he’s spent years working in.  It was fascinating listening to people who had never worked in a financial field review studies on and about average clients and give a strictly psychological viewpoint on them.

There was also some fun to be had while Bart was there. One of their classes was held right on the football field! Bart loved getting to see the Golden Dome and Touch-down Jesus in person. All in all, an amazing trip!

We look forward to sharing everything we learned from this experience with you when you come in for your next meeting.