August 28, 2020

As we near September the major equity indexes are at or near all-time highs. It is incredible to think that we shut down large parts of our economy, yet some sectors have flourished.  It is important to remember that the stock market is a major leading economic indicator.  It does not reflect where we are or where we have been.  It is a projection of where we are going. 

Indeed, the COVID-19 cases have slowed considerably, especially here in Arizona, and while there is concern of a second wave, it is possible that the worst is behind us.  There is also concern that the government may fail to issue a second stimulus package, but the stock market seeming is signaling that the recession may be over.  Both 

Consumer and Business Confidence is up along with Housing Starts, which all lead to increased consumer spending.

This is about the time when we usually send out a “Save the Date” for our annual Christmas party.  Unfortunately, it has been suspended due to concern for the health of our clients and ourselves.  Let’s pray that COVID-19 diminishes into the annals of history along with the Spanish flu, Hong Kong Flu, smallpox, and others.

We have a new face in our office, and that face has a beard and sports a bow tie!  You will see Ty joining with the advisors in annual meetings to get to know you. Please say hello to Ty Reid when you get a chance.  Welcome Ty!

Southwest Investment Advisors has always maintained top level technology solutions. We have been using GoToMeeting and phone conferences for meetings for years. COVID-19 has not changed that for us, but you may want to utilize those video or phone options now. We are happy to accommodate your preference.  Thank you for your business, your trust, and your many referrals.


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Submitted by Southwest Investment Advisors on August 28, 2020