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Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro

One of America’s most trusted voices on money and business matters is Dave Ramsey.  We have been a part of the SmartVestor program since 2004. Our investment strategies and beliefs mimic Dave’s beliefs about financial education and retirement planning.

We are committed to helping you and others in the community.  We have held numerous classes in our office and outside at local settings with the Financial Peace courses. 

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The Value of

Investing for your Future

Our mission is to assist you in reaching your financial goals. Together, we will create a solid investment portfolio designed to manage your individual needs.  –Bart Schannep

Complex Financial Advice

With our investment advisor team comes wisdom. Not just credentials, training, and continuing education but real market experience. Our founders, Bart Schannep, having started in the industry in 1983 and Rob Wright in 1994, lead with investor experience and market knowledge. This is a great benefit to our team and our clients. Although times change and events are always new, our experience has taught us that investor actions and reactions are not new and that emotional decisions are frequently poor decisions.


An investment advisor is considered a fiduciary and held to a higher standard when compared to a financial planner. This means that we are required to keep your best interests in mind. We have held this basic belief for many years and will always give you the highest standard of care.

Trusted Independent Advice

Southwest Investment Advisors is a family oriented company. Our goal is to help families successfully transition from wealth accumulation to retirement and the eventual transfer of wealth to the next generation.


Because of this independence, we are not tied to any one particular fund or investment product. This allows us to develop and prepare you a financial plan based entirely on your needs, objectives and goals in mind.

Through a disciplined process of listening, analyzing, implementing and monitoring, we work with you to create a plan designed to help you achieve your unique financial vision.

"Know You" program

This program will allow us to develop a deep understanding of your life's goals. This allows for the most suitable investments to be used to fit your lifestyle.

Comprehensive Philosophy

Each client needs a different plan. We understand this and listen to those needs you have. This will tailor a plan just for you.

Most of what we do to help our clients succeed, you will never hear about. We do it because we care. We do it because we are obsessed with client success. We do it because it’s more fun and more inspiring to have successful friends.